Kakuma 2006

Kakuma is a UNHCR refugee camp located in the Turkana District, in the northwestern region of Kenya, bordering Lake Turkana to the east, Uganda to the west and Sudan to the north. The camp was opened in 1992 and hosts a refugee population of about 100.000 persons from ten different African countries, mainly from Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia. The Turkana, the local tribe, live in and around the camp. They are traditionally pastoralists raising camels and goats.

The Turkana area is semi arid, the climate conditions being particularly harsh. Living in Kakuma as a refugee can be a very difficult experience. Heat, the lack of water, dust storms frequently passing through the area, malnutrition, communicable disease outbreaks, and malaria are all ongoing problems. In addition, the Turkana and their herds are growingly suffering from the drought affecting this area due to the global warming.