This series of photographs was made between June 2015 and June 2016 in Musasa and Kinama refugee camps located in the Muyinga province, north-east Burundi. The refugee population comes from neighboring Congo DRC provinces (North and South Kivu, Katanga, Province Oritentale). Those two camps were opened in the 2000s and host, as of 2016 , a population of around 17000 refugees. 

Burundi faces a number of environmental challenges, including massive deforestation, which are exacerbated by high population density, land scarcity and the high dependence on wood as the primary source of energy. As a result of widespread deforestation and a prohibition for the refugees to collect firewood, the latter rely on stoves and fuel distributed by humanitarian actors. 

Those two camps are rather small in size which does not allow refugees to grow some small portion of land which would make them more self-reliant in terms of food supply. Likewise and in relation again to the high density population of the country, job opportunities are scarce for refugees and competition very high. Consequently, refugees in those two camps are pretty much dependent on humanitarian assistance for the services (health, shelter, education, food, water and hygiene) and protection. The only prospect that has been made available to those refugees is a resettlement programme allowing a portion of the refugee population to be resettled to a country such as the United States, or Canada.