Yoff 2012

Yoff is a district of Dakar, Senegal. Originally a Lebou fishermen village, the place has since been urbanized but remains one of the most important traditional fishing ports of Senegal and the most traditional neighborhood of Dakar. Fishing and its related activities constitute the basis of the economy in Yoff.

Fishermen vary in number depending on the season. These fishermen are not only local, but also seasonal from Saint Louis, Kayar or the Petite Cote. The fish species include sardines, tuna, grouper, swordfish, monkfish, etc. Depending on the season, the fish caught can be pretty big (more than three meters for large swordfish). The technical means are fairly limited (motorized pirogues) and artisanal fishing is endangered by large trawlers practicing industrial fishing.

Yoff is a village that has retained much of its character. All the people know each other and most of the families have lived there for generations. Community spirit prevails. This makes it a place full of conviviality where it is pleasant to wander. A place of narrow, winding and silted up alleys where each bend allows for new discoveries, beautiful human encounters. A maze that resonates with the sound of children playing and the sound of the yards and backyards activities.

Yoff is also about happy and friendly faces encounters, fishing or sport activities on the beach, horses pulling carts laden with fish, young wrestlers training, colored silhouettes outlined by the intense sun light.

The photographs of Yoff are all that: a traveling journey to the heart of the fishermen village, an encounter with its people and their daily life, privileged moments shared with a warm community, impressions of a lively Africa, despite the difficulties of everyday life.